SHREE RAJENDRA UDYOG is a recognized enterprise engaged in the Manufacturing and Supplying of HEAVY SUGAR MILL MACHINERY & OTHER FABRICATED EQUIPMENTS matched and tailored to customer’s need. Since its inception in 1984, we have been playing an important role in the development of India’s Sugar Industry by providing them machineries manufactured under stringent quality checks combined with the latest technology to optimize performance. The company also manufactures customized products as per the specification and drawings of the clients by utilizing the vast knowledge, experience and expertise gained over the years. Ever since our establishment, Shree Rajendra Udyog is keeping up the commitment to accomplish demands of the industry by producing high quality, cost efficient and productive machinery.

The proprietor is a Chartered Engineer with a rich experience of over 48 years in manufacturing of heavy sugar mills machinery. The company has executed several Turnkey Boiling House Expansions mainly at sugar mills at Laksar (Haridwar), Mohiuddinpur (Meerut), Morna (MZN), Chhata (Mathura), Chandpur (Bijnor), Daryapur (Rae Bareli), not only this but also have supplied the equipments for Mill House, Boiling House, Clarification Section, Material Handling etc. to various reputed sugar mills in Private, Cooperative and Corporation sectors in India.

We specialize in following machineries:

  1. Cane Unloaders, E.O.T., H.O.T. Cranes for Mill House and Power House.
  2. Cane Preparatory Equipment covering Cane Choppers, Fibrizors, Levellers, Cutters and Cane Carriers drives as well as their spares.
  3. Milling equipment covering retrofitting T. R. P. F. and G. R. P. F. systems, Donnely Chutes, Rake Elevators and their drives.
  4. Mill House Spares: New Rollers, Lotus Roll, Head Stock, Crown Pinions, Coupling Box, Tail Bar, Trash Beam, Trash Plates, Sprockets and Gears etc.
  5. Boiling House Equipments: Juice Weighing Scales, Continuous Juice Sulphitors, Syrup Sulphitors, Juice Heaters, Vapour Line Juice Heaters, RF and F. F. Kestners, Evaporator Sets, Vertical Continuous Crystalizers, Water, Air Cooled and Vacuum Crystalizers, Sulphur Furnace, Milk of Lime Preparation unit such as Lime Slaker, Classifier, Hoppers, Elevators and Grit Conveyors.
  6. Rapid Boiling Vacuum Pans with energy efficient condensing systems (Multijet, Single entry condensers).
  7. Continuous Cane Juice Clarifiers 36 feet and above.
  8. Rotary Cane Mud Vacuum Filters 8’x16’ to 14’x36’ 
  9. D. S. M. Wedge Wire Screens.
  10. Sugar Elevators, Sugar Graders, Sugar Melter, Sugar Grass Hoppers, Magma Mixers, Pug Mills, Bagasse Baling Press, Transient Heaters, Multitasking and Mist Spray Cooling Systems, Sugar Bag Conveying and Stacking Systems.


Our approach is distinctly innovative. We constantly seek new ways to increase client

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Driven By Values, Delivering On A Vision.

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