We are an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) and aim to be the best and most efficient manufacturer of fabricated and Sugar Mill machinery. We work on innovative, state-of-the-art technology platforms to deliver high quality products within the time period provided by the customer. Being a progressive company, we are well aware of the fast changing technology and high expectations of the marketplace. We consistently train our workforce to improve their efficiency, update our manufacturing techniques and infrastructure to meet up the demands of the market scenario. Ensuring Timely delivery of goods, Customer satisfaction and customer value proposition is our primary objective. Our credibility can be recognized from our portfolio

We have successfully supplied various machineries including Boiling House Machinery & other equipment’s required for expansion of Sugar factory at M/s R. B. Narain Singh Sugar Mills Ltd., Laksar, Distt. Hardwar (U. A.) from capacity 1800 T.C.D. to 6500 T.C.D. Besides we have executed various turn-key expansions of Boiling House mainly at:

  1. M/s U. P. State Sugar Corpn. Ltd., Mohiuddinpur, Distt. Meerut (U.P.) (from 1500 T.C.D. to 2500 T.C.D.) in the year 1989 valued at 295 lacs involving fabrication of about 800 tonnes
  2. M/s The Ganga Kisan Sahkari Chini Mills Ltd., Morna, Distt. Muzaffarnagar (U.P.) (from 1250 T.C.D. to 2500 T.C.D.) in the year 1990 valued at 238 lacs involving fabrication of about 600 tonnes
  3. M/s Chhata Sugar Company Ltd., Chhata, Distt. Mathura (U.P.) (from 1250 T.C.D. to 2500 T.C.D.) in the year 1991 valued at 383 lacs involving fabrication of about 850 tonnes
  4. M/s U. P. State Sugar Corpn. Ltd., Chandpur, Distt. Bijnor (U.P.) (from 2000 T.C.D. to 2500 T.C.D.) in the year 1996 valued at 158 lacs involving fabrication of about 500 tonnes
  5. M/s Nandganj Sihori Sugar Co. Ltd., Daryapur, Distt. Rae-Bareli (U.P.) (from 1250 T.C.D. to 1750 T.C.D.) in the year 1998 valued at 98 lacs involving fabrication of about 250 tonnes

The entire Boiling House expansion at Sugar Mills, Chhata (Mathura) was completed within three months’ time along with erection, which was even appreciated by other players in the industry.

We have been supplying heavy sugar mill machineries to many other sugar mills in Private/Cooperative/Corporation sectors to their entire satisfaction. Brief List of some of the equipment’s we have supplied to sugar mills over the years is enclosed and we attribute our phenomenal success to the efforts of our experienced and dedicated workforce. So, give us an opportunity to accommodate your needs and surely we will meet your expectations.


Our approach is distinctly innovative. We constantly seek new ways to increase client

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Driven By Values, Delivering On A Vision.

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