Our Boiling House Equipments

  • Juice Heater
  • Juice and Syrup Sulphitors
  • Milk of Lime Station
  • Semi Kestner
  • Falling Film Type Evaporator
  • Conventional evaporator Set
  • Batch type Vacuum Pan
  • Horizontal and Vertical Crystallizers
  • Rotary Sugar Drier
  • Sugar Melter
  • Magma Mixer
  • Pugmill
  • Sugar Hopper and Sugar Elevator
  • Direct contact Heater

Cooling Coil of Vertical Crystallizer

Direct Contact Heater

PAN Calandria


Semi Kestner Calandria

Juice Heater


Juice Sulphiter

Magma Mixer

Transient Heater

Syrup Sulphiter

Sugar Melter

Juice Heater


Juice Heaters

Horizontal Sugar Melter

Vacuum Crystallizer

Vacuum Pan

Sugar Melter

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