Across industry verticals, our company’s name today is synonymous with excellence, driven by the company’s unflinching commitment to Quality, a policy that covers every aspect of its business processes.

Quality Practices

Human Capital is a strategic partner in organizational development. Thus, we believe in achieving organizational excellence by nurturing human capital through continual benchmarking & adopting best practices.

We are committed towards TQM (TOTAL QUALITY MANAGEMENT).

Quality Policy

We shall aim to achieve Quality excellence by

· Improving efficiency and effectiveness of our processes and systems.

· Complying with the applicable statutory, regulatory and legal requirements.

· Involving all employees and upgrading their competence through training and skill enhancement.

· Enhancing customer satisfaction by delivering environmentally friendly products of right quality and at the right time.

· Innovate new design and system to strengthen the core manufacturing processes.

· Committed towards environment

Why Quality Control is our strength

We are confident about our product quality because of the Quality Assurance System backed by technical capabilities and production capacity

We believe “all steps in production are quality control processes”. This thought process is thoroughly implemented throughout the production of our centrifugal pumps.

We have established an ISO 9001 based Quality Assurance System and we manage the entire process from procurement to production. Especially in the inspection stage, we aim to achieve zero defects using the latest measurement devices and test equipment.

This production philosophy which continuously strives to deliver high quality products to our customers is one of the reasons for our confidence.

Inspection and Test Plan – At our Work Place

· Raw material – M. S. Plates, Iron & Steel are checked for appropriate thicknesses as per clients approved drawings.

· Wearing surfaces to be checked and recorded. All materials to be checked against test certificates or Vendor`s bill of materials.

· Inspection and final dimensional check of equipment .

· Checking all test certificates.

Material Inspection

The first actual inspection work is the raw materials inspection. The review includes checks on:

· Certificate No.

· Heat or Cast No.

· Chemical Composition

· Mechanical Properties

· Heat Treated Condition and Surface Finish

Raw Material inspection process includes the following:

· Visual inspection for damage

· Dimensional check to drawing requirements

· Visual examination of welded on connections

· Review weld qualification and weld procedure records

Painting and Coating Inspection

Surface preparation for painting is checked for the following points

· Cleaning method (Blast or scraping and wire brushing)

· Preparation grades

· Freedom from weld spatter, blow-holes and other defects

· Dry film thickness is checked according to specification

It is necessary that the surface condition is free from pin-holes, runs damage and other discontinuity.

At our workshop we are having facility and technical staff for testing & measurement of machinery, such as dial vernier, digital vernier, barrel protector, degree gauge, dial testing indicator, caliper outside & inside, scale, hydraulic pumps & micrometer of different sizes.


Our approach is distinctly innovative. We constantly seek new ways to increase client

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Driven By Values, Delivering On A Vision.

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