RDB Utility Pump

With a back pull out design these pumps are gland packed or mechanically sealed and are used for air conditioning, booster service, fire fighting and sprinkler system. Delivery size varies from 32 mm to 150 mm.

  • Conforming to DIN 24255
  • Back pull-out design
  • Gland packed / Mechanical seal
  • 50HZ / 60 HZ availability
  • Air Conditioning
  • Sprinkler systems
  • Fire fighting
  • Booster service
  • Delivery size up to 150 mm
  • Capacity up to 550 m³ /hr
  • Head up to 100 m
  • Temperature (-) 10 °C to 100 °C

RMF Utility Pump

These low head high capacity pumps can be either gland packed or mechanically sealed. Delivery options can be of either horizontal or vertical. These are majorly used in air conditioning, irrigation, drainage and storm water. Delivery size can vary from 200 mm to 650 mm.

  • Low head, high capacity pumps
  • Gland packed / Mechanical Seal
  • 50HZ / 60 HZ availability
  • Option available in horizontal as well as vertical delivery position
  • Drainage
  • Storm water
  • Irrigation
  • Air-conditioning
  • Delivery size up to 650 mm
  • Capacity up to 7000 m³ /hr
  • Head up to 30 m
  • Temperature (-) 5 °C to 140 °C

RSP Self Priming Pump

Shree Rajendra Udyog ‘RSP’ Series Pumps are of non clog and self priming type. They are used in various marine, industrial, civil construction, mobile machinery and public utilities applications.

  • Efficiency at par with internationally available pumps.
  • Quick automatic self-priming action.
  • Designed for automatic air release during priming.
  • Non-clogging impeller to handle suspended solids.
  • Repairs possible without disturbing the pipe connection due to back pull out design (except SP’0′).
  • Portable, when fitted on trolley/trailer.
  • Suitable for engine / motor.
  • No need for foot value.
  • Long life – Due to replaceable wearing parts.
  • Dynamically balanced rotating parts ensure minimum vibrations.
  • Easy maintenance and spares availability.
  • Marine-Pumping water from docks, ports, vessels.
  • industrial : Petroleum products, chemicals, effluents, sewage, ash-water etc.
  • Civil construction : Dewatering foundation, trenches and pits.
  • Mobile Machinery : Cooling water for marine engines and shovels.
  • Public utilities : Sewage pumping.
  • Head 6- 34 metres
  • Capacity 77.5-0.6 litres per second
  • Power Rating
  • For Motor Drive> 0.75 kW to 18.7 kW (1.0 HP to 25.0 HP)
  • For Engine Drive> 4.0kW to 19.5kW (6.0HP to 26.0HP)

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